Artificial Intelligence

Ist Application

AI is used to remove the “noises” that are captured from the users’ motion when they are interacting with the physical rehabilitation platform, Virtual Exercise Therapy System (VETS). The users’ gestures and motion are captured through an input device, and the data is then processed, which allows the avatars to be controlled.

Occasionally, there will be movements near the users, which are captured by the input devices and can affect the performance. AI helps to screen these noises to ensure an enhanced user experience when using the VETS application.

2nd Application

Physical rehabilitation data are derived from primary and secondary sources, which are then extrapolated to help predict how the user is likely to progress, based on the condition and other related bio-profile.

Our primary data is obtained from users’ interaction with VETS and users’ motion from the wearables. AI is also used to recommend the types of exercises and games, which could benefit the user. This second application is in the pipeline.

How does the AI works?